Learn in digital age

Now is the information explosion era, the channel and carrier of information is more and more rich, WeChat, BBS, books. People pay more attention to the world and need to learn more and more, but often read extensively and then forget. Or often want to learn some technology, knowledge, or want to understand new industries,… Continue reading Learn in digital age

Final Project Reference

Emmelien Merchie, Hilde Van Keer (2012). Spontaneous Mind map use and learning from texts: The role of instruction and student characteristics. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 69, 1387-1394. Leonidas A. Zampetakis, Loukas Tsironis, Vassilis Moustakis, (2007) Creativity development in engineering education: the case of mind mapping. Journal of Management Development, Vol. 26 Issue: 4,… Continue reading Final Project Reference

Inspiring change to improve learning in the classroom

By: Jurgen Appelo License: Some rights reservedTitle: FIGURE 15.5 Innovation Adoption Curve Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurgenappelo/5201275209/ After recently taking the Assistive Technology and Universal Design Learning (UDL) course, I was inspired by all the various resources, apps, and technologies that are available to help create a well-rounded curriculum addressing all levels of learning and abilities. As I’ve… Continue reading Inspiring change to improve learning in the classroom


The topic of my video project is to promote the use of slack in online classes in China.  I will introduce some advantages of using slack in online classes. First, transparent to everyone who take this online course. Slack is a very large team communication software. Instructor set a course channel that students can join.… Continue reading Slack

Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked

When deciding on the topic of my final project I found myself choosing between two ideas: creating a guide to using keyboard shortcuts and a tutorial on identifying phishing emails. After giving it some thought and talking it through with a few people, I decided that though becoming more efficient at using a keyboard is… Continue reading Phishing 101: The Guide to Not Getting Hooked